• Do your arm chairs fit under your tables?

    Yes, we design all of our armchairs to go under all of our tables.

  • What is underneath the chair legs?

    The feet are equipped with teflon glides for hard floors.

  • Is there an average arm Height?

    Yes, average arm height is approximately 25 ½”.

  • What does COM mean?

    COM means Customer’s Own Material.  Customers can use their own fabric on any of our upholstered chairs, stools and benches.

  • Do all chairs have matching barstools?

    No, there are many more chair styles than barstool styles.

  • How can I tell what the depth and width of a chair is?

    The dimensions are expressed as: DEPTH (front to back) x WIDTH (side to side) x HEIGHT (bottom to top).  All dimensions are given at the widest point of the whole chair or barstool -  they are not seat dimensions.

  • Do all barstools come in both a swivel and fixed version?

    No, some barstool styles come with a swivel base only.  Refer to our barstool photographs for all available options and consult the price list for further clarification.

  • Do barstools have leg options?

    Yes, fixed barstools now have four leg options:  AL, EL, HL and CL.

  • Can I use any fabric or leather on the backless benches?


  • Are there any seams or stitching on backless benches?

    Only on those upholstered in leather or microfiber - they have a cross-stitch or X on the seat.

  • What do we do if there is a defect in the merchandise?

    Notify your local Canadel retailer.