Frequently asked questions

Purchasing furniture

Is it possible to order online or directly from Canadel?
Canadel is a furniture manufacturer that sells only to authorized retailers. For this reason, it is not possible to place an order online or directly with Canadel.
Where can I find a retailer closest to me?

Please visit the Dealer Locator section of our website to find an authorized retailer nearest you. Go to https://canadel.com/dealer-locator and simply enter your zip code.

How can I receive price information or place an order?

For information about our products, including prices, please contact an authorized retailer. Please visit the Dealer Locator section of our website to find the authorized retailer nearest you. Go to https://canadel.com/dealer-locator and simply enter your zip code.

What is the current lead time?

Due to a recent increase in order volume, our time to ship is currently 7 weeks. Transit time between our Quebec warehouse and your retailer must also be factored in, as well as the time the retailer needs to schedule delivery to your home.

Are the colors shown on the internet site accurate?

Despite being as close as possible to the real color, colors shown in prints, catalogs, and images viewed online may vary from in-store samples.

Are all your products on your website?

To see all our available products, please click on Customize to access our UDesign online configuration tool or visit an authorized Canadel retailer.

How can I become a retailer or open an account?

Please contact us at information@canadel.ca and include your full contact details. We will gladly put you in touch with our regional sales representative

If you would like to purchase samples, please contact your Canadel representative.

Order status

How can I track the status of my order?
Since we do not have all the necessary information to access your order, only your retailer can provide you with an answer. If, however, your retailer is unable to provide the information, they can contact our service team.
Can I modify my current order?
For any questions on modifying an order, please contact your retailer. However, it is important to note that since each piece of furniture is custom-made, there is a chance that no changes can be made depending on the status of your order.


If I purchased a Canadel piece of furniture in the past, can I buy a new piece that will match?
It is possible to purchase a product that will complement your current furniture. However, please note that since exposure to light affects the color of wood furniture, the color of a new product may differ slightly from an old one, even if the chosen color is the same. The same is true for fabrics.
Can I purchase paint or fabric?
It is possible to purchase our current stains and fabrics from your Canadel authorized retailers.
Can I purchase replacement parts?

It is possible to purchase certain replacement parts. To do so, please contact your Canadel authorized dealer.

Can I purchase an additional or replacement leaf?

Since wood is a living material that changes over time, we do not recommend adding or replacing a leaf. Exposure to light may also have changed the color of your table, which will no longer match the color of a new leaf. The same is true for the space allotted to the leaf, because wood contracts and expands with changes in temperature and humidity. For these reasons, a new leaf added to a table that was made several months ago might not fit. Also, if your extension mechanism was built to support a single leaf, the weight of a second one could damage it.

For any additional information, please contact the retailer where you purchased your table. Only they can make the decision to place the order. This decision is entirely at their discretion as we give no warranty on extensions for the above-mentioned reasons.

Can I purchase Teflon® or felt glides?

Similar glides can be purchased at local hardware stores or on websites like Amazon.

Can I make repairs to my furniture after the warranty period?

To perform repairs on one of our products when the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired, please contact your retailer. They can provide you with references from professionals in your area.

My store is closed, and I have a problem with my furniture, whom can I contact?

If your furniture is still under warranty, please contact us at information@canadel.ca. However, if the warranty has expired, we recommend that you contact a woodworker in your area.

Where can I order a touch-up pen?
Please contact us at information@canadel.ca
How to adjust the levelers?

If your furniture has levelers, they can be adjusted by screwing or unscrewing them. For more information, please refer to this document: FOP1INZBUF-04-P02.pdf (canadel.com)

How to adjust the height of drawers?

It is possible to adjust the height of your drawers to level them. First, make sure that your furniture is level. If this is the case, you can then locate a small wheel on the sides or under your drawers. This will allow you to adjust the height. For more information, please refer to this document: FOP1INZBUF-12-P03.pdf (canadel.com)

Can I put a protective glass on my table?

We do not recommend the use of a protective glass due to their additional weight, which can impact proper functioning of your table.

Product information

What is the difference between each finish?
Please refer to the following document: PDF — Attributes ; Our finishes
What is the maximum weight that your chairs and stools can support?

Our chairs and stools are designed and tested to a capacity of 450 pounds.

What type of wood is used?
The main type of wood we use is birch. However, imported and assorted hardwood species are also used in some of our collections.
Do you make custom furniture?

We do not make fully customized furniture. However, it is possible to modify the dimensions of certain products in the Canadel, Champlain, and Loft collections. We call this our Signature program. Your authorized Canadel retailer can guide you through the customization steps to create a piece of furniture that meets your needs.

How can I get a magazine?
To see our digital magazine, please click on Canadel – Magazine. It includes additional information on our furniture such as colors and models. If you would like a hard copy, please contact us at information@canadel.ca or ask your authorized Canadel retailer.

Care and Maintenance

How can I properly maintain and clean my wood furniture?

We recommend cleaning your furniture with a soft damp cloth and a mild soap, such as dish soap diluted in water. After cleaning, dry immediately.

  • Solid wood is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity since it is a living material. To protect your furniture, keep the humidity constant, ideally between 30% and 50%. If this condition is not met, the furniture may crack or warp, and the finishing products may be affected.
  • Store table leaves as close as possible to the table itself so that they are kept at the same humidity level. It is preferable to store dining room table leaves in an upstairs closet than in a damp basement.
  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators, heating vents or wood-burning stoves.
  • Do not use polish, wax, abrasives or products with alcohol or ammonia which could damage the finish of your furniture.
  • Never place anything hot directly on your table, as this will produce heat marks. We suggest protecting your table with a tablecloth or placemats when in use, to help prevent scratches.
  • Never leave liquid directly on the wood, as this could damage your furniture – the wood could crack and warp.
  • To protect your furniture finish, avoid daily exposure to direct sunlight.
How can I clean my glass tabletop?

We recommend cleaning your glass tabletop with a cleaner designed for glass, such as Windex®, Bon Ami®, etc.

How can I access the cleaning recommendations for the fabric on my chairs and stools?
To learn more about the care of your fabric, please look under your product. You should find a label with recommendations specific to your fabric. However, if there is no label under your furniture, please check if the fabric code is indicated on your invoice or contact your retailer, they will be able to provide it to you. You can also refer to the picture below to find recommendations specific to your fabric.

If your furniture is over 8 years old, please contact us at information@canadel.ca

List of current fabric

Maintaining and cleaning chair glides
All glides can wear out and can sometimes fall off chair legs. Worn-out or missing glides can quickly damage a floor. Chair glides should be checked regularly.


Please visit our warranty section for more information. Warranty furniture – Canadel